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blue star seafood fort myers floridaSHRIMP

Blue Star Seafood carries a wide array of frozen shrimp products. Products include Domestic Gulf Pink and White Shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. We have peeled and deveined tiger shrimp as well as a new line of Domestic gulf pink peeled and deveined shrimp. All sizes are available. Please call for pricing and case sizes.


blue star seafood fort myers floridaCLAMS

A must to try this season is our local Sunray Venus Clams. Our local clams are brought in twice weekly from the locals in Pine Island, Fl. Try our Littleneck, Middleneck, or Top neck sizes. If you favor a northern clam, we can bring in fresh Steamers, Quohogs, Cherrystones, Countnecks, or fresh shucked Whole Belly Clams.


blue star seafood fort myers floridaSCALLOPS

Always dry packed, never processed. Our diver sea scallops are sweet and succulent. We offer fresh gallons in various sizes of diver sea scallops, or we also have frozen dry IQF scallops as well.



blue star seafood fort myers florida


Freshness can not be compared to when you have local boats fishing for you. Our whole fish is brought in 6 days a week and our experienced team will fillet your fish to order. We use only the highest quality fish and never settle for less.


blue star seafood fort myers florida


Try our full line of frozen seafood products. We carry cold smoked tuna portions and loins. Cryovac and IQF portions of snapper, cod, tilapia, mahi, sea bass, grouper and whitefish.



blue star seafood fort myers floridaCRABS

Need stones crabs? Our local fishermen from Fort Myers Beach and Pine Island fish daily to provide fresh stone crabs 6 days a week. We also carry pasteurized crab meat, king crab legs, Snow crab legs, claws, and meat.


blue star seafood fort myers floridaSUSHI

If you have sushi on the menu, ask for our specialized sushi product list. We carry Nori paper, hamachi, sushi rice, seaweed, crabsticks, shrimp tempura, and a variety of ginger, masago, and tobikko and so much more……


blue star seafood fort myers floridaLOBSTER

We have everything you need whether it be Whole Florida lobster, Carribean lobster tails, and Canadian tails. We also have Live Maine Lobster, and lobster meats. Most sizes available on request.



blue star seafood fort myers floridaOYSTERS

If oysters are your thing? Then we have you covered. We offer fresh Gulf Oysters, West Coast, and Northern oysters daily. Selections include Blue Point, Virginia, Cape Cod Bay, and Malpac. We also carry fresh shucked Northern or Gulf Oysters on request. As well as frozen pillow pack oysters.


blue star seafood fort myers floridaAND MORE...

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